11 Ways to Boost Traffic to Your Website

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If your website or blog is struggling to rank on Google, or you find that your content isn’t doing as well as you’d hoped, don’t panic, we have got you covered. Building a website can be simple, but knowing how to make a successful one can require a few more tools.

Increasing your SEO game is the easiest way to do this.

SEO, or search engine optimisation, plays a vital role in creating a successful website, which means that you need to be optimising all of the tools out there for the best results.

Below are 11 tips that will make sure your content is getting the recognition it deserves.

1.   Write Engaging Meta Descriptions

If you’ve never heard of the phrase ‘meta description’ you will have definitely seen one. Meta descriptions are the short paragraph of text that lies underneath a link in a google search result. Without an engaging meta description, users will undoubtedly click another link. Therefore, your meta descriptions must be alluring as they are the first thing a user sees.

Every successful meta description must;

  1. Be tempting enough for a reader to click
  2. Match the expectations of the user and deliver an appropriate page
  3. Be relevant to the title and meta description of the link.

If you fail to meet these objectives, users will leave your page to find a more suitable one and Google will consequently stop displaying your page as often in their search results.

2.  Optimise your Title Tags

Like meta descriptions, title tags need to be SEO appropriate. These are the headline links that you see on a search engine results page (SERPS). By incorporating keywords in your title tags, you’re increasing your chances of being discovered.

3.  Create High-Quality Content

We are all aware of the phrase quality over quantity and this is especially true when it comes to SEO. With advances in technology, search engines are now a lot smarter and can verify if your content is relevant or not.

When creating content it is important to do your research first. By discovering the top keywords and phrases, and applying them to your work, the search engine will scan through the content and determine its relevance. Therefore your content should be unique, significant, and user-friendly.

If you post content in blog form, it is not about posting consistently every day or week, but ensuring that whatever you do post is of value.

4.  Improve Page Loading Speed

Nobody likes slow internet, but a slow website when you’re in a hurry to find a quick answer is the worst!- especially when it can be easily avoided.

Make a point of checking your website speed by utilising one of the many speed test tools and then make improvements to get your speed up if needed.

The main issue for many websites is their images. Decide whether the images are important enough and relate to the content that you are sharing and then check their size.

If a video or image is too large it can take an eternity to load. To fix this simple error, resize your images to a more suitable proportion and watch them load immediately.

5.   Create Content Relevant to your Brand

Creating content can be simple as long as you keep the same vision you start with. Having a clear sense of who you are as a brand will allow you to create custom content that can be easily accessible by users.

Aim to keep a consistent tone throughout your work which can be helped with planning. Set out what it is you want to write by mind-mapping or through bullet points. From there you should be able to slowly form paragraph outlines.

If you’re struggling, why not look for some inspiration. Check out some blogs that have ranked highly on search engines and establish what it is that sets them apart from the rest.

6.  Define your Audience

Once you have a clear image of who you are as a brand, the next step is to define your audience. What can they benefit from? How can you assist them? what will they be searching for?

The best way to find out is by doing some research. Don’t be afraid to interact with your audiences and ask them which content they would prefer to see. This way, you are guaranteed to have users interact with your content.

7.  Utilise Social Media to the Max

Social media is a great way to increase traffic to your site.

With a variety of platforms available, there is no excuse for not marketing your content on social media. Whether it’s through Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn, share your content with millions of people and grow networks.

You will need to be tactical with your choices. Research which topics are more successful on each network as you may find some are irrelevant to your brand.

8.  Add Internal Links and Build Backlinks

Creating a catalogue of internal links and backlinks are two of the most effective SEO strategies for developing your website’s SEO results. But what do they do?

Internal links help users navigate your site and help search engines to understand your site structure.

Backlinks are created by guest blogging on other websites that contain links to your website, driving readers directly to your site. The more successful your backlinks are, the more search engines know that your site is a resource for users looking for more information.

9.  Google My Business 

In an effort to gain more visibility, another tool that will improve your website is by having a Google My Business account. This information will appear on the search results page when someone searches for you. This space will contain your opening hours, reviews, shop location and even photos.

To reach even more users, you can upload blogs and links that direct users straight to your website.

10.  Endless Content

If writing new content is something that you generally struggle with, why not optimise your content by creating multiple versions of it.

If you have a blog that isn’t receiving much traffic, why not convert it into video content. By converting your content into different media formats, you are increasing your chances of being found which will ultimately increase your traffic.

11. Email Marketing

Once you have all of your lovely optimised content, you could just wait for it to be found organically on Google, or for a boost why not try sending your existing clients or customers directly to it. There are some fantastic email marketing softwares available right now that will allow you to send your information, blogs, offers and more, to thousands of email addresses every month.

Our Favourite at the moment is Mailerlite, with its easy to use email builder and smooth automation settings it is a great way to get your content to your audience.

If your content is engaging and targeted at a specific audience, it should be reaching them. However, if it isn’t, try these proven SEO tips which will create the traffic you deserve.

If you need help with getting traffic to your website we can help! give us a call or email to find out more about our SEO packages.


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