Video Marketing for Small Business in 2017

In 2016 it was virtually impossible to go online without coming across a myriad of video content as Video Marketing exploded across facebook feeds everywhere. And it is easy to see why. In general, we are very receptive to visual media and especially moving pictures. For the casual browser and viewer it is easily consumed, especially on Facebook, which has increasingly moved into a ‘Content Distribution’ network from its seemingly humble social network beginnings. Many of us take on information via images far more effectively than by written info, and of course, watching media feels less taxing than reading a lengthy post.

If a picture paints a thousand words, how many a moving picture?

For the small business owner the appeal of video content is also apparent; small businesses have been told for years – you must blog, you must build an audience, you must connect with them. And many have tried, laboured, and maybe even failed at doing this. It is not easy to write appealing, valuable content – indeed nothing of value is easy, hence why it is of value.

Might creating video content be at least a little easier? After all, the spoken word likely comes easier and more naturally to the majority of business owners or people in general. Plus everyone has a good quality camera on their phone, so the whole process can be quick, and painless…

And whilst on the face of it the above may be true, making good video content is, of course, actually also hard. One of the biggest stumbling blocks to people putting out content about their business is confidence. Many people think they won’t like what they see or hear on screen, when in reality those most critical of our performances are ourselves. We need to relax and go for it. Outside talent can be used for voiceovers, and even actors can be used to film content representative for your business, or animated videos, whiteboard type, or motion text can also be used – the list is endless. If you are still not sure whether using video is right for you, here are our

10 Top Reasons to Use Video Marketing in 2017.

1. Youtube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world with over 4 billion views daily.

2. Short videos 15 seconds and under are shared on average 37% more often –
so think fast & effective.

3. Embedding a video in emails you send can increase engagement by up to 96%.

4. 44% of people view videos prior to buying local products and services.

5. 88% of visitors stay longer on a website that displays video.

6. 124 million people watched the US Presidential debates on Youtube.

7. Video content is estimated to make up 80% of all online content by 2019.

8. 92% of mobile video viewers share content online.

9. Video is now cost-effective; with Dzines Digital charging from just £150 a month for annual video plans.

10. Organic and boosted reach on Facebook trumps all other content types by at least 50%.

If you would like to use video to market your business and are unsure where to begin, or feel you could do with a little assistance, please get in touch. We would love to help.

Tony Wingfield
Dzines Digital

Tony Dzines

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