Manjana, Manjana – Introducing the Dzines Digital Marketing Blog

Welcome to the first official blog post from Dzines Digital. I have been planning on writing blog posts for some time now, but have always put them off till tomorrow – I need to run my business, designing websites and digital marketing for clients – and with a young family at home launching a blog of my own has somehow always been relegated to the bottom of the to-do-list. A job for tomorrow. And, as much as we all love tomorrow, it being only a day away and all, tomorrow never actually comes. So I have decided to change it up, stop procrastinating and just get on and do it today!

We all have things we have to do, but the things we want to do, or say we want to, we don’t always do!

I realized I needed some extra motivation to quit procrastinating, and came across an interesting exercise I thought I would share with you.

The idea is to maximize your motivation by thinking of both push and pull factors. What you want to achieve and what you want to avoid in pursuing any particular goal.

I knew what a wanted to achieve:

A community for my clients and colleagues
A growing resource covering all things digital marketing (Search Optimisation, Video Marketing, Content Creation, Web Design trends and more)
A space to share the wisdom of the industry professionals I work alongside, of the entrepreneurs and small businesses I work with
A point of connection and conversation that could help me step back from my day-to-day work of web design and digital marketing and celebrate our successes and achievements, sharing the expertise and knowledge gained from each project.

And what I wanted to avoid?

Staying still
Not making use of my experience to its fullest potential
Not benefitting from the advice I give my own clients

Scary stuff!

Digging into both push and pull motivations like this can really hold you to account.

(Next time you find yourself putting off action you know you really should take, try this exercise for yourself. Be sure to let me know how you get on!)

So, there you have it: the first Dzines Digital blog.

Be sure to check back, or why not add us on social media to be notified of updates regularly. We will be giving out top tips, giving you actionable, workable plans to help you inspire, create and push on with your projects.

Thanks for reading, have a great week, and I hope we will speak soon.

Tony Dzines

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