5 Ways to Make Your Website More User-Friendly and focused on conversions at the same time

Have you heard of the book “Don’t make me think”?

It is a great book on the topic of web useability. The premise is thus; if you want to make your website, app, or experience more useable – then don’t make your user think. Make the experience as simple and frictionless as possible and more people will take action.

Sounds sensible to me.

When you look at all the big tech companies:

✅ Amazon ✅Just Eat ✅Apple ✅Alphabet (or Google)

They are all so simple & easy to use. We don’t need to think to take action with these guys.

The simpler we make our own websites, apps, or businesses. The greater the likelihood of action.

This is why I tell my clients:

✅simplify your message
✅show clarity in the action you want your user to take
✅cut the waffle
✅truly make your business about your user
✅develop a deeper understanding of your audience

What do you think? do you make it easy for your people to take action?

On the flip side of this coin is a world that is turning ever more digital by the day, with mass AI and automation just around the corner, the thought of making it simple for humans, and not making them think, could lead to a dark place…

more on that another day…

Tony Dzines

Tony Dzines

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