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The brief

The original website wasn’t serving its purpose.  It took too long to load, wasn’t getting traffic and more importantly wasn’t generating many leads.

Ultimately the client wanted to rely less on 3rd party lead generation and receive more traffic from organic search, not just in the UK but across Europe.

The client didn’t want a totally new website, but more from the one they already had.  Here’s how we achieved it:


The platform

The website was already using WordPress, with a theme that was overly complex and not efficient for the modern-web.  There was a lot of information which could be seen as overwhelming to the website visitor.

As there wasn’t much online activity, there was no blog either.  We saw no need to change the platform the client was already familiar with.  We kept the website on WordPress using a new theme with performance in mind.

We improved the user interface with a new layout, maintaining a similar amount of content, but condensing it where possible into elements that open out when interacted with.  A key change was the introduction of brighter colours and images which give the website a more inviting feel.


Our Optimisations

Improved for conversions –  We incorporated subtle changes into the new website to encourage more visitors to take action.  We cut down the length of the homepage and focused on the fact that the website was set up to take bookings.  A key issue with the old website was the time it took to load, a turn off for many people.  After our optimisations we improved the load time of the website by more than 50%.

We also introduced an engaging chat-bot feature which leaves no confusion for customers with questions such as availability, pricing and placing a booking.

SEO optimisation on site – After researching the keywords searchers use when looking for a villa in Aphrodite Hills, we tweaked the content on the website to reflect this.  There was little on-site SEO before this work took place.

SEO optimisation off site – Our work significantly increased the online footprint of Villa Eleaina, listing the business and website in several niche villa, golf, travel and Cyprus directories.  We also created content surrounding the Villa, the nearby golf course and the local area which we used to promote the client’s website.

Country Targeted Content – The client wanted to increase their visibility in Baltic counties such as Germany.  Our work involved carefully translating the site content and implementing the correct mark-up so that Google and other services could show the correct language depending on the language of the searcher.


The result

Since working with the client our SEO efforts have meant an increased backlink profile of more than 250%, as well as a significant improvement in domain authority (the metric used to track the ranking power of websites).

When we took on the SEO for this website it had a DA (Domain Authority) of 0, now it is 15.

The website now has a foothold in German Google searches and the rate of traffic to the site is constantly growing; As a result bookings from the website have increased.  There have been over 20 additional bookings in the year to date.

Tony Dzines

Tony Dzines

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