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This client came to us with a recently re-designed website and an ad-campaign that wasn’t doing it justice.  The new website ticked all the boxes; it was designed to be more compelling and more targeted than their old site, but that didn’t help them get any results;  without traffic they were paying Google money, but for nothing essentially.

What went wrong?

After creating their own Google ads, it was not long before big G started adding keywords to the campaign; great right? One less job for them to do; it would be if these were the right keywords. Although Google deemed these keywords to be ‘appropriate’, there were more than 200 of them, targeting all kinds of broad phrases and topics which weren’t 100% on the money.

The campaign had two generic adverts which were also not serving the training company in the best possible way.

Their marketing budget was consumed quickly by this long list of ‘related’ keywords that Google chose for them.  Within a short space of time the company had paid out £721 to Google, and seen no sales or enquires.

The campaign did drive clicks, but these were the wrong type of clicks to generate sales; the keywords the ads were being shown for did not all have buyer intent, these were just window shoppers, tire kickers.   The few visitors were being sent to the homepage of the website, and all this lead to a high bounce-rate for the campaign, driving up costs further.

Overall the click-through rate was 6.92%


Our solution to better converting ads

Dzines took on the management of this Google Adwords campaign and simplified it entirely.

We started by carrying out research into the best keywords with buyer intent – eliminating window shoppers.

Instead of directing the ad traffic to the homepage we created two hyper-specific, fast and user friendly landing pages and two compelling ads to serve them.

Within a short space of time the client wasn’t just generating clicks, they were generating enquires and made a £2,500 course sale.  The ad spend went down and the click-through rate went to up.



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