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The Brief

The client has been a sleep coach for a number of years, and already had a website to promote these services.  She wanted a different website to sell a new and exciting sleep training programme, without confusion.

The client’s old site has comprehensive information on her services as a sleep coach. Our goal was to create an engaging site, which instead of promoting Sue as a sleep coach, promoted the programme, and focused on the solutions people are looking for.  A modern site people could easily identify with and get excited about.

Old Site                                      New Site

The Solution

We carefully considered the customer and what matters to them.

We made it easy for them to take action – Like most websites, Help Me Sleep exists to sell a product/service.  We made sure it was super-easy for people to take action, and ultimately solve their sleep problem.  From the off, it’s clear to the user what action they can and should take, “Book a Consultation” or “Ask a Question”.  They’re presented with these opportunities at suitable intervals throughout the site.

We made the website comfortable – We believed that a comfortable user experience was essential for this website.  The curved cloud look gives a friendly, and approachable feel.  The extra spacing between elements serves not to overwhelm the user, and allow them to comfortably process the benefits of the programme.  We also used soft tones reminiscent of night.

We reduced confusion – The benefits of the programme are clearly defined and given space to be processed.  For the homepage, we focused on the core information necessary to get excited about, and engaged with the product.  Supporting pages of information are short, to the point and summarised by a short, easy to grasp introduction.  There’s nothing to get distracted by.  On the book a consultation page, the form is front and center.  On the FAQ page, there aren’t massive paragraphs of text, but instead users can engage in the questions that matter to them.  The downloads page gets straight to the point and offers people the chance to access extra content.

The result

The client is extremely happy with the website, and excited about sharing it with the public.  We are also very pleased with how the website turned out and believe that the site will continue to stand up well into the future.

Tony Dzines

Tony Dzines

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