Website & UX for Railway Training Company

Kent based company providing operation & systems process creation & training services.


Website has not been updated for over 10 years. It is not easy for their clients to book courses with them, or to see what courses are available. Does not represent their position in the industry.


To create a website with clear objectives, and 2 user groups: 1 - identify RTI as leader in their industry 2 - generate new business opportunities 3 - allow clients to easily book courses Users; current client to book courses, new users looking for supplier


We facilitated sessions with the core team & Senior Management to gain an understanding of the core functionality. This included highlighting pain points, must-haves and opinions on process improvements that would make the user journey easier. We also carried out competitor analysis and user expectation interviews.


With inhouse journey mapping, our team was able to see if there were any problems or clarity issues with either business perspective or page-level interactions. We defined the user's path throughout this process so that they would have an easy time when making inquiries on behalf of their company - which will result in improved customer service.


Design has been delivered and is awaiting the final build.


We are currently building the site and will have more details soon.

Client Review

"This process have been very useful, getting us to think about the business as a whole in ways we haven't for many years. Thanks for your work so far." Andrew Russell