SGS Energy – Solar Panels & Heat Pumps Website Redesign and SEO Strategy

solar panels website case study - mockup web design and mobile


SGS Energy's previous Solar Panels website suffered from a non-intuitive user interface, characterized by complex three-tier dropdown menus that hindered user navigation and failed to prompt action. The site was not hosted on renewable energy, nor was it optimized for power efficiency, contributing to a larger-than-average carbon footprint.


The primary goal for the new website was to create a conversion-focused platform that would drive inquiries, emails, and phone calls. Additional objectives included enhancing the user experience, reducing the website's carbon footprint, improving search engine visibility, and ultimately, increasing monthly performance metrics across all key areas.


The redesign process began with the creation of wireframes to ensure clear and effective messaging. Forms were integrated to capture micro-conversions and lead magnet submissions, facilitating user engagement and lead generation. The website was built to modern web standards, incorporating efficient coding practices and modern image formats to enhance performance and reduce its environmental impact.

solar panels website case study - mockup web design and mobile
solar panels website - discovery session notes



A comprehensive SEO strategy was implemented, focusing on creating keyword-rich pages, custom infographics, supporting blog content, and relevant industry news articles. Competitive research informed the content strategy, ensuring SGS Energy's offerings were superior to those of competitors. The aim was to establish SGS Energy as an authority in the solar and heat pump industry, with plans to incorporate audio content to further differentiate and elevate their online presence. We continue to implement this strategy, highlighting that SGS Energy are the go to company for Solar Panels In Kent.


Since the launch of the new website and the initiation of the SEO campaign, SGS Energy has seen a significant increase in visibility, rising from being found for just 72 traffic-driving phrases on Google to 205. The website's user-friendly design and optimized conversion paths have led to growth in inquiries, emails, and phone calls, as reported in monthly performance reviews. The modern, efficient website also aligns with environmental values, reflecting the sustainable nature of SGS Energy's business.

Client Review

SGS Energy has expressed satisfaction with the redesigned website and the results of the ongoing SEO efforts. The improvements in user experience, search engine visibility, and the tangible increase in business inquiries underscore the success of the project. This case study highlights Dzines Digital's ability to transform a client's online presence through strategic design, development, and digital marketing efforts, leading to enhanced business outcomes and a stronger digital footprint.