SEO for Waste Management Company

CDDL first approached us for SEO services back in August of 2022.


With a brand new website, they wanted more people to be able to find them easily online for their services, and ot increase the amount of leads they were getting.


After a quick look at their previous SEO, page rankings and Keywords, we decided the best course of action would be to increase their keywords and phrases to help them rank higher on Google.




To do this, we began by writing 5 blogs a month, along with social media posts and captions all linking to their website and service pages. Additionally, we were also able to create 5 backlinks for them a month.


Since helping with their SEO, we have been able to rank keywords that were previously found on the 3rd or 4th page of Google's search results to the first. This has been extremely productive and helpful as they are generating leads nearly every day, and are being found for 474 keywords.

Client Review

"The team were very knowledgeable about key words and phrases to use to optimise our site, and they were able to jazz it up with images and graphics!"