Nova Associates – Leadership Training and Coaching Website Revamp


Nova Associates' previous website suffered from unclear messaging, making it difficult for visitors to understand the offerings and who they were for. The site's structure was not intuitive, with inconsistent and poorly placed calls to action. Important pages like "About Us" led nowhere, contributing to a site that was not action-oriented. Accessibility issues included low contrast and missing link titles for screen readers. Additionally, the site's performance was hindered by outdated web technologies, failing to utilize modern formats like WebP.


The primary goal for the new website was to streamline Nova Associates into the customer sales pipeline effectively, encouraging visitors to book a discovery call or download a lead magnet, thereby generating leads and engaging potential clients more directly.


A discovery workshop revealed that Nova Associates had been marketing itself as a larger, more generalist company than it truly was. The insight gained led to a strategic pivot: positioning the company as a specialist firm with a small team, focusing on minimizing staff turnover and boosting the bottom line for specific sectors, namely accounting and law firms.


Research into the Story Brand Framework, desired by the client for its simplicity and structure, guided the website's design. Each page was crafted like a landing page, ensuring a clear, logical flow through the site, akin to providing an optimal user experience.


Adopting agile methodologies and design thinking principles, the project was executed swiftly without sacrificing quality. Regular progress meetings ensured alignment with the client's vision at every stage, from wireframes to visual design. The new website was built to high standards, with time allocated for reflection and iteration, ensuring every element was purposeful and effective.


The revamped website boasts a visually appealing design with immediate clarity on the services offered and their benefits. Performance metrics from Google PageSpeed Insights are impressive, with scores of 99 for performance and 100 for accessibility and best practices, indicating a significant improvement in both user experience and technical efficiency.

Client Review

Nova Associates praised the rapid turnaround, the aesthetic appeal of the new site, and the ease of collaboration with Dzines Digital. The client's testimonial highlights the value of a partner who not only delivers high-quality work within tight deadlines but also makes the process smooth and straightforward. This case study showcases Dzines Digital's ability to transform a client's online presence through strategic insight, agile execution, and a deep understanding of user experience and modern web standards.